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WV Comprehensive Cancer Plan

What is the West Virginia Cancer Plan?

The Plan is a collaborative, consensus-based statewide blueprint for cancer prevention and control activities. With the significant growth of cancer prevention and control activities there is a need for greater coordination. This collaborative Plan is intended to assist state, regional and local cancer prevention and control partners as they battle cancer. The Plan will be used as a road map to direct future cancer control activity.

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How was this plan revised?

The revision process took place over 18 months and involved the hard work and commitment of over 135 people representing more than 65 organizations. Beginning in September 2005, the MOH membership divided into three workgroups - Prevention, Early Detection and Quality of Life - where the goals, objectives and key strategies of the Plan were developed. Through this collaborative effort, there will be an increase in community support for local implementation of the Plan. Priority goals will be identified on a yearly basis by the Coalition membership and a yearly progress report will update the Coalition on progress made in achieving the Plan's goals and objectives. Periodically, the goals, objectives and strategies will be reviewed and updated.

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